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An image published by audio product manufacturer Blue Sky has revealed the first ever off-screen images of Splinter Cell 6, revealing that Sam Fisher will be reunited with his trademark night vision goggles.

Are these the first shots of Splinter Cell 6?The shots of the game, which is currently in development at upstart studio Ubisoft Toronto and headed up by Assassin's Creed producer Jade Raymond, show Splinter Cell 6's splash screen and an image of Sam Fisher with his NVGs strapped to his forehead. The word 'Arrow' and letters 'SC6' can also be seen.

You can check out a higher resolution image of the leaked shots by clicking the thumbnail to your left.

The images of the NVGs are the biggest indication yet that Splinter Cell could be returning to its stealth-focussed roots for its next iteration.

The last Splinter Cell game, Splinter Cell: Conviction, caused controversy when it was revealed that the single-player campaign wouldn't feature Sam's iconic equipment, instead replacing the NVGs with Sonar Goggles.

The game also ditched Splinter Cell's traditional stealth approach for a more action-packed adventure, a move criticised by hardcore fans of the series.
Splinter Cell 6 was first announced by Ubisoft last year and is rumoured to be due for release next year. Platforms are still to be announced.

Googles are back bitches.

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