First Person Soba

FPS får en ny (och bättre) betydelse i japanska rusningstrafiken

Nyhet - Multi - mån 2 mars 2015, kl 21.48

Nu finns First Person Soba ute till Android och Ios. Spelet utspelar sig i den fiktiva staden Tokyo (va?). Var god njut av lite härlig engrish i det finfina pressmeddelanet nedan.

FPS(※First Person Soba) is that you take struggle with commute rush in holding your life. The stage is a fictional city, Tokyo. The work location is a fictional station, to reach Shinjuku, you have to get into the express train at 7:28. For Japanese businessmen, being late to the company means death. Skiping breakfast also means death.

Eat the soba by swiping on the screen upwards. If satiety goes up, you will be ready to get on a crowded train. Can you ride being hungry? It means death.
Your belly is full, get out of the shop by swiping the screen from right to left. Please board the train from the nearest door.

Now, there is work waiting for me today. Go for it! Japanese businessmen.
You, who can face this daily routine, you are a corporate slave hero!

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