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 Aftonstjaerna's Statuses | Skillpoint.se

Aftonstjaerna's Statuses

// Hello. If you are reading this text and you are not editing this View,
// you probably didn't expect to see this text here. Luckily, it's very
// easy to fix that. You're seeing this text because it is in the
// "Empty text" of this View, and the user whose stream you are viewing
// has no statuses. To stop seeing this text, you must edit your View
// (which you can do through the user interface at admin/build/views or
// by clicking on the "Edit" link that appears when hovering your mouse
// over the View). On the Edit screen for the view, click to change the
// "Empty text" option in the "Basic settings" section. Then, either
// change the input format of the Empty text to "PHP code" (you must
// have the "PHP filter" module enabled) or remove the text.
// For more information, please read http://drupal.org/node/551698#php

//If this view is overridden and then FBSS is disabled, it can
//cause a WSOD if these lines are not included here.
if (!function_exists('_facebook_status_user_load')) {
echo t('Facebook-style Statuses has been disabled.');

$account = _facebook_status_user_load(arg(1));
if (!$account->uid) {
echo t('This user has no statuses yet.');
$count = facebook_status_has_status(arg(1));
if (!$count) {
global $user;
if ($user->uid == $account->uid) {
echo t('You have no statuses yet.');
else {
echo t('!name has no statuses yet.', array('!name' => theme('username', $account)));

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