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Nyhet - Playstation 3 - fre 13 maj 2011, kl 17.17

Sony har utannonserat Starhawk, uppföljaren till 2007 års flerspelarlir Warhawk.

Till skillnad från sin föregångare kommer spelet att innehålla en fullfjädrad kampanj där du spelar Emmett Graves i jakten på något kallat Rift Energy, något mänskligheten går bananas men som också är farligt för den som utsätts för det. Spelet har stöd för 32 spelare men även kooperativt spelande för upp till fyra spelande online och offline. Spelet tävlingsinriktade flerspelarläge kan även det spelas upp till fyra på samma maskin. Starhawk innehåller även leaderboards, klanstöd, turneringar med mera, samt självklart mängder med fordon.

Twisten denna gång är dock strategiinfluenser där spelare kan resa byggnader genom att samla resurser från fallna fiender. Det hela ska dock inte ta för mycket plats i spelet utan balansen ska, enligt utvecklaren LightBox Interactive, inte ta upp allt för mycket plats utan vävs in i spelets actionsekvenser.

Stawhawk släpps till Playstation 3 under 2012.


LightBox Interactive unveils StarhawkTM for PlayStation®3 (PS3TM)

Brand new fast paced shooter set to redefine the genre in 2012 Non stop action and instant customisation on the battlefield in real-time

London, 10th May 2011: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce Starhawk™ a brand new title coming exclusively to PlayStation®3 (PS3™) in 2012. Developed by LightBox Interactive, in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios’ Santa Monica, Starhawk will provide a fast paced third-person shooter experience set in the unruly frontier of space allowing players to instantly alter the battlefield by calling down offensive and defensive structures in real-time from an orbiting drop ship, whilst blasting away at enemies in the middle of huge single-player or multiplayer battles.

The Starhawk Universe is set in the distant future out in the far reaches of Space where two factions a colony of humans known as the Rifters, and the Outcast, a ruthless species of humans mutated into psychotic monsters by the Rift Energy, a dangerous resource both factions are battling over. Starhawk puts the player in the boots of Emmett Graves a hired gunslinger ostracised from society due to his own exposure to Rift Energy, leaving him partially mutated, but still able to retain his humanity. Taking on the powerful role of Graves the player will be drawn back to his home settlement of White Sands on the planet Dust to face a mysterious outlaw and his band of Outcast warriors to only find out that this assignment may mean more to him than he could ever imagine. He will soon find out that his family is involved in the clash between the Outcast and the Rifters and therefore must decide between those close to him and those he swore to protect.

Starhawk’s features a host of weaponry and a multitude of vehicles for fast paced action combat combined with intense vehicular warfare on both land and air. The game’s innovative Build & Battle system lets players alter the on screen action by giving them the ability to change the dynamic of the battlefield instantly with a selection of base structures at their disposal, all while in the midst of the fight. By the touch of a button players can deploy a number of buildings, vehicles, or fire power to strategically complete mission objectives and defeat enemies. Through the sophisticated architecture of the PS3 system, the instantaneous customisation that Build & Battle provides, as well as this breadth of gameplay that spans multiple modes is made possible.

Utilising state-of-the-art visual technologies, the development team has made every effort to give players the realistic feel of actually being on the battlegrounds with vibrant characters and environments, coupled with dynamic lighting effects. Starhawk also boasts a strong online mode where users can battle head-to-head in epic 32 player matches, up to four player online and offline co-operative play, and split-screen gameplay within multiplayer and co-op modes against an endless attack of enemies, in addition to a full-fledged single-player story mode with various missions set in a number of diverse interstellar environments.

Additionally, Starhawk employs a host of online community features that allows players to be always connected, all the time, including tournaments, leaderboards, and clan support with additional friends list and quick match options. Players can keep up to date with the community events calendar, ticker tape updates, and a Starhawk Android app that will allow users to keep track of friends, clan mates, and stats when not online.

Starhawk is a single or multiplayer third person shooter experience scheduled for release in 2012.

Fight to claim the riches of the galaxy. For more information visit

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