Träffa på (och skjut ihjäl) snömannen i Far Cry 4

Nyhet - Multi - fre 27 februari 2015, kl 15.05

Den 10 mars (för Microsoft-plattformar) eller 11 mars (för Sony-apparater) släpps nästa DLC till Far Cry 4, Valley of the Yetis. Titeln säger nog det mesta, men Ubisoft själva vill gärna säga lite mer:

Players step back into the role of Ajay at the moment his helicopter crashes on a perilous Himalayan ridge. Stranded with no shelter, players must capture a camp and guard it from a mysterious cult who will return to reclaim their encampment. If players preserve, they will have more to fear than a stand-off against the cult, as yetis lurk in the shadows. Players can take on Valley of the Yetis in single-player or with a friend in co-op as they fight to survive in the harsh Himalayan Mountains. While searching for a way out of the valley, they will unravel the mysteries behind the yetis.

1227 februari, 2015 - 14:05
1227 februari, 2015 - 14:05
1227 februari, 2015 - 14:05
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