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Hi, my name is Marcus and I'm trying to start up this independent game company. I've always had a passion for video games and a facination of how to build one, escpecially 3D games for some reason. I remember the first time me and my brother found an Arcade machine with Tekken in 3D and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Since then I've gained a lot of knowledge in making 3D games. After having tried many different paths of making my own 3D engines and physiqueengines I just recently tried the indie version of Unity3D which incorporated everything I needed and it felt like it read my mind on how I wanted to work. It pushed me over the edge and I felt confident I could actually make solid 3D games in the time I have to spare.

I try to play all kind of games, but if I have time I prefer RPGs that are heavy on telling stories. My vision is to make games that I really enjoy to make and play.

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